Online Business Review

D o you already have a website or web based business and it’s not performing quite the way wanted? There are probably several reasons that your site is converting or doing what you imagined that it would. Did you have a stable plan for your online business in the beginning and did you treat it like a business in itself…or did it fall by the wayside and just become a “thing” over time. Maybe you work on your site daily and just aren’t making the right decisions in updating and promoting your online business. Either way, you need help!

In order for an online business to generate sales there are several things that need to happen. Some of the things that we will want to take a look at are:

  • What is the visibility of your online business? Can your website be found?
  • Once your potential customers find your website, are they staying or leaving?
  • Where are you customers entering and exiting your business and why?
  • How does your website stack up against your competition?
  • How is your website built? Is it SEO and user friendly?


The fact of the matter is, as business owners we are all very passionate about our business. Sometimes that makes us too involved in our website and we put too much of ourselves into our online business instead of what our customers really want. Even worse, a lot of business owners built a website once, because it was the “cool” thing to do…and then never touched it again!

An online business is like a plant, you can give it too much water and attention, or not enough. Either way, your plant’s probably going to die. At Bazinga! we specialize in explaining the online business world and helping you make the right decisions to bring your online business or website back to life. With the right food, amount of water and maybe a little Sinatra, your plant can be growing and healthy in no time.

Do some of the questions above sound like they might be your problem? Are you guilty of giving your business too much, or not enough, love? Contact Bazinga! Web Design’s consulting team to get back on the right track.

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