W e couldn’t be more pleased with the work done by John Bernier at Bazinga! Web Design.

Every aspect of our experience exceeded all expectations. And the end result is a web site which is a perfect fit for our brand. John and Bazinga! Web Design are highly-responsive and absolutely focused on delivering a fantastic site.

Chris Nelson | Managing Director
Advanced Marketing Solutions

W e quickly outgrew the site we had. We needed a more professional appearance, and a more user friendly feel. We needed content management capabilities and we needed to optimize our site for search engines. And finally we needed something we could scale in anticipation of future growth.

Since neither my partner nor I had strong web development knowledge, our biggest challenge was finding a developer who we could work with locally who could work within our budget. We tried several times to engage resources in the Near East, India and Pakistan, but found it very difficult to communicate our ideas. Most American companies were to expensive.

When we found John Bernier at Bazinga! Web Design, our needs were solved. John had extensive knowledge of the area’s of critical importance to us. Not only web design, but SEO and database management. He knew the right questions to ask, and seemed to be able to anticipate things we would need, and suggest them.It really made our lives so much easier. And John was always available to answer questions. Most developers I have worked with are very difficult to get on the phone. John however would pick up when available or call back promptly when he was not.

We followed Johns recommendations and went with a Drupal site. The site went live in less than 2 weeks, and the results were dramatic. We instantly saw a 70% increase in the amount of pages visited as well as time spent on the site. Within days, order volume doubled. Because we chose Bazinga! Web Design for our project we not only saved money but made money.

John Bernier is smart, creative and passionate about what he does. And he is also fair and honest. He charged us exactly what he quoted, even though he spent more time than originally thought. There was one small piece of our project which we decided against mid stream and he credited that back to us.

If your company is looking for a a web developer, you cannot do better than John Bernier at Bazinga! Web Design. I highly recommend him.

Dan Sanderson | Vice President Sales
Broadband Q Wireless

W e are a small business trying to compete in a rough economy. We had a small, unprofessional, broken and static website that we had no idea how to update, we couldn’t even add our fax number to the pages. We didn’t even know if it was working for us or what our visitor statistics where.

John at Bazinga! Web Design came in and did a FREE detailed analysis for us, most importantly, he was able to access our visitor stats and show us how bad out website traffic really was. He was also able to show us what some of our competitors where doing online and we where shocked! We where being left behind!

John came up with a very affordable solution and within just a few weeks, we had a beautiful new website with all the bells & whistles that other companies pay a lot for!

Finally, potential customers where able to find us and see all of our beautiful hand-crafted products!

Well, the emails and calls started coming in and business is booming.

Best of all, we can update our own website. If you can use a word processor, you can update your website…no coding necessary!

Thanks to John and Bazinga! Web Design

Brian Chabot | Manager
Cape Cod Cupola, Co. Inc.

I  am very pleased I found John Bernier at Bazinga! Web Design.  I shopped around and found a couple a guys that could have set up my site less expensively – but only slighter.

I went with John partly because I liked his portfolio but mostly because he understood my business model – not only the “brochure” and blog that I wanted to start with but where I wanted to head with the site over the next several months.    There were bigger shops that had the “package” to address the same need but would have charged much, much more.

I have had no problem with execution. I had a near-term need and John met my deadline.  We had shaken hands on the project plan and there were no negative surprises.

He is a business professional that understands marketing Meanwhile he obviously understands IT and is used to addressing the “dah” questions of other business folks who have a focus but may not know all the newest technical language.

I have no hesitation in recommending John Bernier and Bazinga! Web Design.

Geoff Helliwell | Owner
The IRA Property Master