Advanced Web Ranking Review

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Advanced Web Ranking Review
Author: John Bernier

Anyone that is even remotely familiar with the Internet understands the basics of search engine rankings and the important role they play in establishing a legitimate online presence for websites. Each time a person conducts an online search, there are tons of businesses fighting for the top rankings because they know that by being among the first sites to pop up, this increases their chances of converting an online user from a visitor to a paying—and hopefully a returning—customer. Advanced Web Ranking is one SEO software application that promises to give individuals and businesses alike the resources and tools necessary to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to search engine optimization and page rankings.
Simply put, Advanced Web Ranking is an SEO organic keyword tracking package". Our application checks your site ranking not only in organic results, but in sponsored results, video results, news results and any other results Google (or other search engine) shows. In layman’s terms, this translates to the ability to monitor a website’s page rankings in various search engines. Knowing this information is vital for any company because it gives them the opportunity to see whether or not their online marketing efforts and keywords are producing favorable results. Because the process of keeping track of such information can be tedious, time consuming and overwhelming, Advanced Web Ranking aims to make this part of the process easier by using streamlined features and tools.
Here is an example of an actual Bazinga! Web Design’s client SEO ranking report (click to view larger version):

SEO Ranking Screenshot

With plenty of graphics and chart illustrations, the Advanced Web Ranking website is easy to navigate. One of the most useful features on the site is the comparison chart, which compares the various benefits that come with each plan: Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Server. The Advanced Web Ranking software is search engine friendly and has the ability to provide automated reports, backups and updates, as well as track and analyze a website’s search engine rankings, all in real time. In addition to monitoring a site’s rankings, the software also comes equipped with a keyword research tool, which is ideal for helping businesses and individuals find the most effective keywords to work with. SEO companies will particularly enjoy the customization feature, which allows them to create reports branded with their company contact information and logo, which can be sent directly to their clients’ inboxes. Because all of the information collected from the search engines through the software is automatically stored on a person’s server or computer locally, this decreases any security risks and guarantees that only those with approval will have access to the data.
One of the best things about the Advanced Web Ranking software that customers will appreciate is the fact that a full version of the application is available as a free download through the company’s website. Instead of dealing with a demo version that has limited capabilities, downloading the trial version of Advanced Web Ranking allows a person to try the features for themselves and even test their own keywords. After the 30 day free trial has expired, customers can then decide whether they want to pay for a plan, which ranges from $99 for the Standard plan to $599 for the Server plan. The flexible price range makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to benefit from this type of software without digging too deeply into their bank account.