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John_Bernier_Owner_Bazinga_Web_DesignI started Bazinga! Web Design and Internet Marketing because I enjoy working on small business websites and blogs. My parents have run a small business, Cape Cod Cupola, Co. Inc. for over 37 years. The business was started by my Grandfather in 1939. I know the challenges small businesses face everyday! Money is always an issue and you want an inexpensive, professionaly designed, easy to maintain and update website with great customer support!

I have been  involved in web design/development and internet marketing for over 15 years, working for many large corporations as identified in my LinkedIn profile. Although, I enjoyed my time and learned a great deal at these companies, I realized that my “true passion” was helping small businesses develop an internet presence and marketing that presence online at an affordable price. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an online presence and market your website!



Here are some of the issues with Web Design firms that I intend to correct:

  • Either expensive & complicated solutions or cheap ineffective solutions with no customer support.
  • They develop a website and provide no effective easy-to-use solutions for you to maintain them. Either you have to figure out some complicated software, pay the firm or hire a part-time consultant for simple updates.
  • Most cheap firms do not design easy to navigate websites. The sites look cheap and unprofessional.
  • There is no thought to Search Engine Optimization (making your website visible in Google for  potential customers searching for your products and/or services).
  • There is no way to easily view your website statistics (hits, views, where traffic is coming from,  which sites link to yours and what search terms people are using to find you).
  • No or limited customer support!





John E. Bernier, Owner & Chief Geek
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Email: [email protected]
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